Reduce your operating expenses and do good at the same time.

Authorise us to look at your energy usage


We will analyse, for free,  your current usage of energy and identify any areas you could save.


Purchase your energy in bulk through a delegated authority

We will provide you with a time sensitive savings plan that can save you on your current energy spend

Red Frogs gets paid every time you switch on your lights


Not only can we reduce your electricity costs, we’ll pay Red Frogs an estimated $0.03 for every kilowatt hour so they can keep on doing good - at no cost to you.

We help your staff save on their home expenses

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Kitchen Staff


Staff register for a free saving consult

We will provide your staff with a free consult on their household bills to see  if there are any areas they could save


Switch and save on household bills

If your staff decide to switch there is no cost, no paperwork and no hassle. They simply get to lower their cost of living and save on their electricity and gas

Red Frogs receive $$ from compRE for Good


A $30 donation will be made to Red Frogs, at no cost to you or your staff member

for every electricity and gas switch.